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Problems Successfully Treated

**Diagnosis by a Dr does NOT mean we can't help you!**

Autism related symptoms, child (reducing erratic, explosive behavior, nurture sense of conscience)
General health
Low energy
Decreased/plateaued strength
Low mobility
Poor mood
Closed chakras
Unbalanced pH
Decreased immunity
Infection/ virus/ parasites
Chronic pain
Water retention
Unusual fat gain
Unbalanced hormones
Shortness of breath
Lung disorders
Diaphragm pain
Digestion issues
Gas, Bloating
Acid reflux
Unusual fullness
Unusual hunger
Slow digestion
Food sensitivities and allergies
Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression/ Worry
Some irrational thoughts and emotions
Some erratic behavior
Recurring and non-healing injuries
Unusual tics, twitches, vibration, sensations in/on the body
Muscle pain and soreness
Lack of feeling physical and emotional
Memory problems, short and long term
Brain fog, mental clarity, confusion
Mental stress
Radiating pain
Muscle tension/trigger points
Poor circulation of blood and lymph
Unusual smells, odors
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Pain attributed to Arthritis
Chrohn's Disease
Bell's Palsy
Ulcerative Colitis
Imbalance of Flora/bacteria
Headaches of all types
Scalp problems
Hair loss
Too much hair, hirsutism 
Acne, blemishes, spots on the skin
Mouth ulcers, canker sores
Gum pain
Toothache with no obvious source
Painful Acne
Non-healing sores
Hearing problems
Ear pain
Ear infection
Sore throat
Skin over-sensitivity
Skin pain
Frozen shoulder
Neck pain and tension
Hives, rashes
Oddly shaped nails, ingrown nails
Crooked teeth in young children
Sudden weakness in leg, collapse of leg
Urinary incontinence
Overactive bladder
UTI, chronic
Prostate problems
Muscle cramping
Menstrual problems
Period pain, cramping
Heavy bleeding
Perimenopausal and Menopausal symptoms
Erectile dysfunction
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Rib pain
Knee pain
Neck pain
Unusual tension
Back pain: upper, mid, lower, sacral, tailbone
Chest fullness, pain
Nasal and Sinus congestion and drainage
Sinus infections
Metabolism problem
Eye problems
Fecal incontinence
Wrinkle removal
DNA interpretation issues
 And more!
 I'm always looking for new symptoms to treat, more people to heal!

 Limitations to my treatments:

Conditions that are too far advanced
Conditions that require medical intervention like emergencies or surgery
Conditions that need the patients full cooperation (based on the individual)
Some mental health conditions
Some infections, viral, bacterial or other
Some genetic conditions
 Body that is too damaged
Some natural body rejection of foreign objects (ie, implants)

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