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  JudyWu    Master Healer, Master Energy Interpreter, CAc and WLMT

I am your body’s translator.  I can tell you what it needs to feel better, today. It's amazing how often the solutions to the problem are so incredibly simple.

In my practice, I use my ability to feel the energy of the body, my innate problem solving skills and creativity to discover ways to help people who are suffering.  With my treatment, pain and suffering improves or disappears and lives are changed.  Even within the last few weeks new treatments have been discovered and more people are getting the help they need.  One excellent example is my ability to isolate food allergies and/or sensitivities without a blood test and treat them successfully.  It’s the best physical proof for what I do.  Rash, hives or congestion start to disappear immediately!

I can help you determine the treatment(s) your body wants and clearly estimate how many treatments you will need and for how long.  It has always been such a mystery as to how many times a person needs treatment and now I have a way to find out.  Your body has always been “talking”.  There has not been an easy way to understand what it is saying to us until now. This has been such an awesome journey for me.  You owe yourself the potential for good health.  Don’t suffer any longer, the solution may be found here.  

This individualized analysis and treatment is all done without drugs, surgery or any special instruments or equipment.  Come and see for yourself!  It is absolutely ok if you are skeptical, you will notice a difference in how you feel, many times right away.



Midwest College of Oriental Medicine-Wisconsin, MS, BS, Chinese Medicine, Nutrition 2004-2008 

Lakeside Massage Therapy School 2002-2003

University of Wisconsin-Madison Art BBA, Marketing BS 1994-2000

Plus numerous seminars related to Massage Therapy and Acupuncture


JUDY WU   C.Ac. WI#577-055, WCMT #2668-046
WI Board Certified Acupuncturist, WI Certified Massage Therapist
Master Healer, Master Energy Interpreter
Call (414) 961-6001 for an Appointment 

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